ALSEDEN General Trading Company, It is engineering trading company with a focus  on  Engineering Trading Company,  capable to supply, installation commissioning and service after sale for all type of Instrumentation, Custody Transfer Metering Skids, level gauging system, integration of DCS,  SCADA, Calibration-Test & measurement, Explosion proof Industry,  rotating equipments .
And field services.
Covering  a  comprehensive  products   sales  range,  .....more

Gas and Liquid Metering & Proving System. 
ALSEDEN Supply, Installation and commissioning complete metering skid from one of the biggest Company name in this field. ....more

All process efficiency and the sustainability depend on the measure and monitor

Calibration, Test & measurement.
Supply accuracy and precision test and measurement equipments from International companies in this field. .....more

Explosion proof Industry
Supplying high quality explosion proof electric apparatus, explosion proof lighting, explosion proof meters and dust explosion proof electric. 

Rotating Equipment.
We supply our equipments From the most well known international OEM in the world ....more


Bopp and Reuther Messtechnik group

ABB Instrumentation

Time electronics Ltd




1-    Supplying and Installation complete Instrumentation and control panel for small refinery.
2-    Supplying and Installation tank gauge level system
3-    Calibration tank Prover 5000 Liter with mobile trailer.
4-    Supply master meter on mobile trailer.
5-     Bench test and measure.     .....more

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