Gas and Liquid Metering & Proving System

ALSEDEN Supply, Installation and commissioning complete metering skid from one of the biggest Company name in this field.

- Supply, Installation and commissioning Custody transfer metering.
- System Engineering and design.
- Mechanical and electrical Installation
- Prover and calibration system.
- Centrifugal Gas Separator.
- Sampling and analyzing system.
- Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).
- Site Acceptance Test (SAT).
- Training in Germany at site.
- Centrifugal Gas separator.
- Strainer.
- Density meter.
- Sampling and analyzing system (Salt in crude oil, H2S in Crude oil, sampling system).


All process efficiency and
the sustainability depend on the measure and monitor Instruments.
Our comprehensive line of measurement instrumentation products includes:

- Pressure and differential pressure transmitter
- Temperature probe and transmitter.
- Temperature and pressure gauges.
- Controller and Recorder.
- Flow meter (PD meter, Turbine meter, Coriolis Mass Flowmeter, Vortex, Electro Magnetic Flowmeter, Thermal Mass Flowmeter, differential pressure, Variable area Flowmeter.
- Level transmitter and switches.
- Level Gauge system.
- Analyzer.

Calibration, Test & measurement.

Supply accuracy and precision test and measurement equipments from International companies in this field.  
- Calibration Benches.
- Calibration software.
- Multifunction calibrator
- Portable calibration equipments.

Explosion proof Industry.

Supplying high quality explosion proof electric apparatus, explosion proof lighting, explosion proof meters and dust explosion proof electric. 

- Lighting Fixture,
- Installation equipments,
- Control equipments.
- Load and motor switch gear
- Control panel
- Enclosure.
- Cable gland and Bushing.
- Air conditioner.



Rotating Equipment.

 We supply our equipments From the most well known international OEM in the world

- Screw pumps.
- Measuring system for balancing performance.
- Process Gas compressor.
- Bag filing Spout.
- Water, slurry and process pump.
- Power system.